The mission of Unlimited Access, Inc. is to provide an organizational structure conducive to high quality care, the most effective utilization of resources, and support and participation in case management and addiction recovery educational programs.

The dignity, worth, and autonomy of individuals are recognized and encouraged, as is each individual’s right to self-direction and self-responsibility. Each client is unique, and is treated with respect and dignity, regardless of nationality, sex, race, creed, or socioeconomic status. The desired level of care is achieved by providing understanding, respectful relationships, and by utilizing appropriate diagnostic criteria, including the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM).

Unlimited Access, Inc. participates actively in an ever-increasing network system with other health care providers, all of whom share mutual goals of prevention and management of disease and disability, care of the ill, and promotion and maintenance of optimal health for individuals and groups.

The primary emphasis of Unlimited Access, Inc. is the provision of client quality care. In order to maintain clinical competence and excellence in practice, staff members utilize the most current knowledge available in the treatment of case management and chemical dependence. Educational opportunities for the staff are provided through conferences, seminars, workshops, academic credit studies, in-service training, and supervised experience. All staff is encouraged to pursue personal growth and development.